Metal Info: Most of my knives are currently made with high carbon O1 tool steel. This is some of the toughest steel money can buy. It holds an edge great and is super strong. This type of steel also allows me to achieve the unique look of my blades. Many of my knives are 1/4" thick steel. Most military knife blades are about half as thick. These are some serious little blades.

Handle Materials: I currently make my standard handles with a variety of different hardwoods - reclaimed Bourbon Barrel Oak, Florida Black Cherry, or Cuban Mahogany. They are all taken through an aging and patina process to make them look generations old. I also offer a variety of exotic handle materials from antler, to all brass, to many exotic hardwoods. I even offer both G10 and Micarta for you tactical fans out there. Beyond that some customers have sent me special materials to use for their handles. That's the beauty of custom knives. Do you have a piece of wood from a forrest that is special to you? What about an Elk Antler from a special hunting experience? I can use these for your handles. 

Sheath Materials: I make my sheaths by hand with hand dyed, pressed leather. Each sheath is made for each individual knife. They are made universal for right or left hand carry and they come with either a leather belt loop or a concealed carry clip.

Hardware - all the handles are secured in place with pins and an extremely strong 2 part epoxy or Stainless Torx screws. These knives are built like tanks to last for generations.